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Merkaba Crew & Trancemission Project

٠•●ૐ●•٠ NEMETON – The Sacred Meeting Place – OPEN AIR ٠•●ૐ●•٠

Il 4 Ottobre si festeggia la Festa del Bosco, il Nemeton, parola dell’antica lingua celtica (da Nemos, “cielo”) che indica il tempio, lo spazio sacro di comunicazione e unione tra il Cielo e la Terra, riservato a uomini e dèi, la
“radura nascosta”, il lago nel cuore di un bosco sacro.

Per i druidi era inconcepibile rinchiudere completamente il contatto con il trascendente in una dimensione limitata come quella di un tempio chiuso da pareti anonime.

Il Nemeton è composto dai quattro elementi, terra, aria, acqua e fuoco posti sotto la volta del cielo stellato, considerato come il quinto elemento che rivela il riflesso del Vuoto o del Mistero.

Per oltrepassare il punto medio dell’Essere occorre addentrarsi nel Nemeton
Esso è un luogo di scambio e di INCONTRO, simbolico o reale, dove il mondo degli umani può aprirsi al mondo degli dei…

Esso cela lo “spazio vuoto” che può permettere al “nuovo” di nascere e manifestarsi…

English version: :-)

On October 4th we celebrate the feast of the forest, Nemeton , an ancient Celtic word ( from Nemos , ” sky “) indicating the temple , the sacred space of communication and union between Heaven and Earth , reserved for men and gods; the ” hidden clearing “, the lake in the heart of a sacred grove.
According to druids, it was inconceivable to relegate the contact with the trascendent into such a limited dimensions as the one of an indoor temple, surrounded by anonymous walls.
The Nemeton is made up of the four elements, earth, air, water and fire, beneath the starry vault of heaven, considered as the fifth element, which reveal the reflection of the Void and the Mistery.
In order to cross the middle point of the Being, it is necessary to penetrate the Nemeton. It is an exchanging and a meeting place, both symbolic and real, where the world of humans can open up to the world of gods…

It hides the “empty space” where the “new” can come to life and manifest itself…

Merkaba Crew & ♫ Trancemission Project ♫ will take care of the bar and refreshment services. There will be also public grilles for the participants who may need them and a wide fully equipped free camping area.
We just want to make sure you will have a lovely and unforgettable experience, in very close contact with nature, to celebrate one of the last openair in Turin!
The first 150 participants, will also get for free one of the compilation labelled Blue Hours Sounds Records !!!

٠•●ૐ●•٠ MAIN STAGE ٠•●ૐ●•٠

Live set:

SPROCKET – Blue Hours Sounds Rec / Catawampus Rec / Occulta Records / Digital Mind [UK]

James has been heavily involved in the UK psytrance scene for nearly 12 years, first as a DJ mixing many different styles throughout this time, but was always working at home to take that extra step and produce his own sounds. Since 2011 James took on his new name ‘Sprocket’ for his finally ready musical productions and has since been working hard, traveling around much of Europe to play his well received live sets. Since playing Live, his DJ’s sets have been more focused on both dark (but groovy!) progressive, and forest, and are always delivered with the same energy and passion people have come to expect from him.
Taking influences from groovy night, and forest trance, James manages to weave a story which twists and turns through many moods and feelings, giving the listener a satisfying ride with his chunky bass, funky rhythms, and complex textures. Encompassing many ideas, and not being tied to any specific sound, Sprocket is a cacophony of ideas, polished off with cheeky structure and clever percussion.

GAIANA – Blue Hours Sounds Rec (NL)

The Gaiana project was formed by Adomas “Gido” and Robin “Bluestorm” in the spring of 2006. Born from the intention to infuse the music with the clear and fresh energy of lithuanian nature, and spread its message and open invitation to re-join the universal dance of life.
A gentle reminder for people to reconnect with the natural beauty which we are all a part of.. It surrounds us, nurtures us, yet also grows inside us and finds expression through us.

Over the next few years collaborations were sporadic, due to ever changing locations and available equipment because of travels, yet slowly we worked on and developed our sound. Testing the tracks on the dancefloors, slowly we polished and adjusted the sound into its current form. Influenced by the early goa sound, evolved by the contempary progressive and fullon sound, while still containing some of the deeper frequencies of the darker styles, we tried to create a full spectrum sound, bridging styles.

PARASECT – Bayan Rec. / Spiral Vision (ITA)

Fabio Ricci (Scotty) is the mastermind behind the psychedelic forest project Parasect. The first contact with electronic music in 2006 when the adventure begins in the world of DJing playing deep techno in some areas of the region.
In 2008, the first contact with psytrance scene and love was right away with the night-time dark sounds. He began soon to play as dj (scotty) in the dark-psy parties of his country, in line up alongside names such as: Bombax, Peace-Ka, Assault Junkies, Azetc Dosage, Istinct Wave, Dust.
Towards the end of 2012 his life evolution led Scotty to decide to start making his own sound, finding perfect harmony in the dark, deep and organic sounds of the forest side of trance.
His sound is characterized especially by colds and gloomy atmospheres, accompanied by the organic sound of woods and swamps, it tries to heal the soul of people by regenerating the contact between our energy .and the energy of plants

PEYO – Blue Hours Sounds Rec. / Trancemission Project (ITA)

Peyo is a Dj and a production project based in Italy, surfing in the psy scene since the nineties.
With the Trancemission Project crew he organizes some of the BEST and very underground Psytrance parties in north Italy.
We can remeber Goa Gil first time in italy and a very special parties in Turin (Lega dei Furiosi, Murazzi….located under the arches in front of the PO river; maybe one of the most psychedelic and special underground location in all of europe).
In recent years began to collaborate with the Italian label Blue Hour Sound and met/reunited with numerous artists like Gaiana and Ianuaria and more…
He is producing his music as an expression of his mood – influenced by his usually twisted performed dj set and by listening to tons of psychedelic music.
His style it’s solid Psy and Forest sound that wraps the Dancefloor always with a growing trance path.

GND MACHINES – ESF Rec. / Trancemission Project (ITA)

The project started in 2005 (originally as a duo) from an idea by Pablo to create a psy-trance live set purely analogue, played with drum machines and analog instruments only.
This is what makes the sound so hypnotic and unique.
The result is a mixture of psychedelic vibes (with a special care to “oldschool” style sounds) combined with modern and powerful bass lines.
GND music is structured to push the adrenaline of the dancefloor at the highest levels, by mixing aggressive sinth, acid landscapes and funny loop samples all togheter.
From 2007, he has played in several country across Europe, Asia and Australia.
Borned under the TranceMission influence, GND joined the Aussie label “Essential Slam Funk Records” in January 2014, where he has some really special upcoming releases.


JAZZMINE – Blue Hours Sounds Rec

RAOUL – Blue Hours Sounds Rec / Maharetta Rec (DE)

LUCA BLUE – Blue Hours Sounds Rec

WINNY – Monkey Tribe

PURIO – Merkaba Crew

PEDROINE – Trancemission Project / Alternating Beat

ISP – Merkaba Crew

GIORGIO IV – Psyfamily Crew

THOMAS vs OMAR – Trancemission Project

OCRAM – Merkaba Crew

OPTIK – Trancemission Project

٠•●ૐ●•٠ ALTERNATIVE STAGE ٠•●ૐ●•٠

Live set:

IOON – Cosmic Downtempo Psyco Karma – Talismat Rec

PABLO SELECTA – Trancemission Project


LUCA BLUE – Blue Hours Sounds Rec

SPROCKET – Blue Hours Sounds Rec. / Catawampus Rec. / Occulta Records / Digital Mind (UK) [Darkprog djset]

TIMALS – Trancemission Project


B.A.O. Moonlight Project [Alternative Set]

ZEROUNO ZEROZERO – Eudaimonia Spirit

KIMIK YIU – Blacklite Rec. [PsyTeckno Djset]

GIORGIO IV – Psyfamily Crew

PEDROINE – Trancemission Project / Alternating Beats

PIX – Alternating Beats / Basswarp

KILL TIME – Alternating Beats

BARDO TODOL – Alternating Beats

KOMBO – Evolution family
Alternative Djset

SAB SISTEM – Dance for Transubtil Psytrance

WINNY – Monkey Tribe

0T0EXPERIENCE vs KYO – Rotta su Goa








٠•●ૐ●•٠ INFO ٠•●ૐ●•٠

♫ Merkaba Crew & Trancemission Project ♫
si occuperanno del servizio bar e ristoro, saranno presenti inoltre delle griglie a disposizione per tutti i partecipanti, sarà possibile campeggiare liberamente utilizzando tutti i servizi messi a disposizione dalla location e tutto questo per offrirvi una piacevole e indimenticabile esperienza a contatto con la natura e per festeggiare uno degli ultimi open air Torinesi!
Ai primi 150 partecipanti IN REGALO una delle compilation targate Blue Hours Sounds Records !!!


L’ARENILE – Lago Pesca Sportiva – Strada Carignano-Villastellone, 10041 Carignano – 44,905710 7,678959